We don't need to empower of other planet Our People ,Our Youth are Skilled

Leadership is not for election but next generation

Our parties manifesto of the people needs and their dreams who want peace and prosperity.

Not member of any Political Party. I am Democrat

Whatever position we may rise but national movement or development necessary for Nation building.

Latest Events

We are pleased to announce the following events our movements representatives are going to participate in.

05 Aug

આજરોજ પાંડેસરા ખાતે ગણેશ ઉત્સવ સમિતિના કાર્યાલયનું ઉદ્દગાટન કરવામાં આવ્યું.

Surat , India

આજરોજ પાંડેસરા ખાતે ગણેશ ઉત્સવ સમિતિના કાર્યાલયનું......